, PhD, RN California State University at San Marcos, pkohlbry{at}csusm.edu , PhD, RN, FAAN, FAAHB University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Older Hispanic women are at higher risk for chronic debilitating health problems related to higher rates of inactivity and obesity when compared to other ethnic groups. The purpose of this article was to review the literature on the factors which effect levels of physical activity in older Hispanic women. A literature search was conducted using the terms Hispanic or Latina, physical activity, barriers and benefits, self-efficacy, stages of exercise change, and health promotion behaviors. Forty-two studies between 1988 and mid 2007 were selected. Research methods included qualitative, quantitative, interventional, experimental, and cross sectional. There is some research available to guide nurses in assessment of unique factors that may impact the development of culturally appropriate nursing interventions that increase a women’s level of physical activity and promote health and well-being. Practical take home points are presented. Areas for future nursing research are identified.

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